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ColorIt's Ultimate Jackpot Giveaway is featuring the biggest prize in ColorIt history! At the end of September, we are selecting one lucky winner to receive ColorIt's 72 colored pencil set, 50 marker set, 48 gel pen set, and one of each coloring book we've ever released! (Over $500 Value!)

We will also be hosting a daily giveaway where Erika and AJ will personally select one lucky winner each day in September who will receive ColorIt's 48 gel pen set! ($29.99 Value!)

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What's In The ColorIt Ultimate Jackpot?
The ColorIt Ultimate Jackpot Includes:
  • 72 Colored Pencil Set
  • 48 Gel Pen Set
  • 50 Marker Set
  • 20 Coloring books: Colorful Quilts, Traveling Mandalas, Colors of the Decades, Colorful Expressions, Colors of Nature, Dogs: Everyone's Best Friend, The Best of ColorIt, Blissful Scenes, Colors of the Ocean, Mandalas Volume 2, Mythical & Fantasy, Traveling Doodles, Wild Doodles, Cat, Kittens and Wildcats, Around the World in 50 Pages, The Greatest Adventure, Wild Animals, Mandalas To Color, and Calming Doodles.
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